It was more like a savory pastry, delicately little dough pocket filled with tomato sauce, cheese, and seasoned meat. Just a stunning culinary innovation. It was a calzone. It was literally just a mini calzone.


firefly is so goooood

it really is!! i didn’t even realize i was on the last episode until it was over and i just sat there like … is that it? i’m 12 years late in being sad about its cancellation

GOOD THINGS: There is a movie!!! Aaaannd, if you’re into gaming, a bunch of cast members lent their voices for Halo ODST. Speaking of gaming, they’re also making an online Firefly game that should come out next year~


Steal her look.
Sulfuric Acid- 420$



My cat brought us a present today.  I have never seen a rabbit SO angry. 

****He was set free 10 minutes after being caught, photographed, and driven to a nearby field :)

"Fuckin cat thinks I’m a fuckin chew toy. Fuckin humans puttin me in a fuckin box with a fuckin carrot like its gonna make this WHOLE SITUATION SO MUCH FUCKIN BETTER! DO I LOOK LIKE BUGS BUNNY TO YOU, FUCKER?!?"

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