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Hey FalPals


Hello hello  - I’ve gotten a couple messages from asking if I can address a specific Tumblr account that is starting to upset some of you and that you feel is taking some of the fun out of hanging out on here.

The FalPal community is so awesome and sunny and smiley and kind, so if you feel like something is taking away from that I highly recommend employing Tumblr’s badass Ignore feature:

Take dat drama out ya dash like


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"There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do." - Amy Poehler

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Lost Bonus Features

An Epic Day with Richard Alpert [x]

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Anonymous said:
I hope you have a fallontastic day! *THUMBS UP*


I think the fear was if a scene was about some female issue, it was going to have hard jokes. We don’t do subtle little observational things. It’s gotta have hard jokes in it and it has to have some observation with an edge. - Paula Pell (SNL)

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